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The Millennial Marketers offers Instagram growth services through targeted campaigns to grow your Instagram account as fast as possible. We offer a variety of different options for growth and look forward to working with you!

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How Our Service Works


1 on 1 Zoom Call To Learn About Your Campaign Goals

The zoom call is optional, but we highly recommend it! During this call, our head of marketing will get to know you and your account and understand what your bottom line is. Sales? Targeted Followers? Leads? This will help us understand how to provide you with the best services for your needs.

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We Curate A Unique Marketing Campaign  Based on Your Goals

Every account receives unique treatment at The Millennial Marketers, based on the call with your account manager we'll design a campaign specifically for your account.

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Watch Your
Engagement and Followers Grow!

Sit back, and let us do the hard work. Additionally, We get your posts engaged by hundreds of new people, actively triggering the algorithm, so you can let the Instagram algorithm do what it was meant to do for you, share your content and grow your followers.

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Instagram Password Not Required.

We do not require your Instagram password to grow your account.

3 Plans. Daily Growth.

Start Up Plan

$99 / Month

Average  50-100+ Followers / Day

Increase Your Likes, Video & Real Views, Followers, and Comments

Money Back Guarantee
Optional 1 on 1 Zoom / Phone Call with Marketing Manager
The best starter campaign for any account looking to start growing. This marketing campaign will grow your personal, business, or niche related account. Your account will receive targeted growth every day with guaranteed engagement increases. This campaign is a must-have if you’re looking to get started with building the authority without a huge commitment to marketing your Instagram.
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Viral Plan

$149 / Month

Average 100 - 150+ Followers / Day

Increase Your Likes, Video & Real Views, Followers, and Comments

Money Back Guarantee
Optional 1 on 1 Zoom or Phone Call with Marketing Manager
This follower growth campaign is the level above the start-up plan in terms of growth speed. A smart choice for those looking to grow faster, and go farther quicker. Your engagement rate will drastically increase along with your growth. This plan is meant to accelerate your authority on Instagram ASAP.
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Master Plan

$199 / Month

Average 200+ Followers Daily

Increase Your Likes, Video & Real Views, Followers, and Comments

Money Back Guarantee
Optional 1 on 1 Zoom or Phone Call with Marketing Manager
Our best campaign; often the choice of busy entrepreneurs, up & coming influencers. With this campaign, every post you upload will be promoted to our network of popular Instagrammers to expand your post reach and engagement. Expect massive growth in engagement and real followers.
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No Shadowbans. Ever.

All of our growth is done manually, organically, and without the use of softwares that can get your account shadowbanned.

Step 1

Upon a successful sign up, you’ll be taken to our account submission form where you’ll enter goals, and targetting.

Step 2

Your order will be processed right away and you'll receive an email update from one of our representatives to schedule a call.

Step 3

We create a unique campaign to get your account targeted growth for followers, leads, and/or sales.

Step 4

Growth begins. We start to send engagement to each one of your new posts, helping you gain new followers daily.

Our Team

Meet the passionate minds behind our Instagram growth service. Our team brings a unique blend of passion, creativity, and strategic prowess to the table, ensuring that every client's journey to success is guided by the best in the business.


Instagram Growth Lead
I'm Jason, growth lead at TMM. I love working with new clients and helping them scale!


Content Manager
Hey, I'm Vince.
I work on content creation and editing for clients at Millennial Marketers.


Head of Support
My name's Stepanie! I'm head of support at Millennial Marketers.
My goal is making contacting support a pleasant experience, every time :)


Instagram Growth Manager
Nathan here! I'm a marketer who thrives on seeing clients' profiles flourish. Let's grow together!

Included With All Instagram Growth Services

Lightning Fast Onboarding

All orders are set-up within the same day of purchase.

More Engagement

Our growth focuses on getting you followers on Instagram ASAP. All the followers you receive will be active and engage with your posts.

Reliable Growth

Predictable and reliable, our growth works for you every day. Our team works long hours to get you the growth you pay for.

More Leads / Sales

More Leads / Sales Running a business? We understand. We'll make sure to help optimize your Instagram to increase leads dramatically.

Instagram Growth Services

Start Up Plan

$99 / mo

Just Gettin' Started!

50-100+ Followers / Day

Engagement Increase

Same Day Results

International Service

Cancel Anytime

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Viral Campaign

$149 / mo

Accelerate Your Growth!

100-150+ Followers / Day

Engagement Increase

Same Day Results

International Service

Cancel Anytime

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Master Campaign

$199 / mo

Hummingbird Speed!

200+ Followers / Day

Engagement Increase

Same Day Results

International Service

Cancel Anytime

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Start Up Campaign

$899  / yr

Just Gettin' Started!

20-40+ Followers / Day

Engagement Increase

Same Day Results

International Service

Cancel Anytime

Instagram Reels Exposure

Deflationary Pricing

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Viral Campaign

$1299  / yr

Accelerate Your Growth!

40-80+ Followers / Day

Engagement Increase

Same Day Results

International Service

Cancel Anytime

Instagram Reels Exposure

Deflationary Pricing

Choose This Plan

Master Campaign

$1599  / yr

Hummingbird Speed!

100+ Followers / Day

Engagement Increase

Same Day Results

International Service

Cancel Anytime

Instagram Reel Exposure

Deflationary Pricing

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Get On The Level You Deserve

"Luckily, there’s a huge resource that CMOs can tap into to improve their strategies: millennial marketers. After all, who better understands the millennial generation than the people in that generation? Here are some reasons why millennial marketers can be a CMO’s best friend in targeting millennial audiences.”

“Instagram growth can be a huge benefit for your business, but with millions of pages competing for likes and followers, it’s incredibly difficult to stand out. That’s where Instagram growth tools like SocialMeep are innovating to level the playing field.”

“The best Instagram growth strategy is all about creating micro-connections that gradually build into an active and engaged community of followers. Finding and engaging with these connections is the key to creating organic growth on Instagram.”

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Sure. Your paid subscription can be cancelled anytime by cancelling with our management team email address located on your reciept.

Can I change my plan later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. The money paid for the previous subscription will be recalculated to the new plan.

Will you renew my subscription automatically?

Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed according to your pay period.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do have a 30% discount if you purchase a quarterly plan instead of a monthly plan.

Instagram Growth Service Questions

Do you work with all countries?

Yes! Our service is available in all countries.

Do you use bot followers to grow my account?

The Millennial Marketers does not use any bot followers to achieve growth for your account. Growth is all done through manual engagement on your account, by your dedicated account manager. Because our service is human-powered your account will be serviced during normal business hours.

Below are the 3 terms set forth by Instagram pertaining to how Instagram must be used, and our response to them:

Ensure your comments are uniquely tailored for each person. Don’t post unauthorized commercial communications or spam on Instagram. – The Millennial Marketers does not leave comments on the behalf of clients, as we would never want to misrepresent the client, or leave generic comments that could be seen as spam.“

Add something unique to the community. Don’t use the Instagram Platform to replicate or attempt to replace the functionality or essential user experiences of or any of Instagram’s apps.”  – The Millennial Marketers engages with content that matters to you on your behalf. Each post that we like, and each profile that we follow is hand selected by your account manager to foster authentic community activity.

The Millennial Marketer’s services will not “replace the functionality or essential user experiences of or any of Instagram’s apps.”“Don’t participate in any “like”, “share”, “comment” or “follower” exchange programs.” – The Millennial Marketers does not offer services that involve “like”, “share”, “comment”, or “follower” exchange programs.

What actions do you take to grow my account?

We don't perform any actions on your behalf, as we don't login to the account. All of our growth services are done by increasing an account's engagement. This traffic helps push the content into the hands of other users via the Instagram algorithm.

Do you work with all accounts?

No. We may reject your order based on our discretion. Your account must follow Instagram’s terms and conditions. Profiles containing spam posts, X-rated content such as complete nudity, or anything promoting the use of illegal drugs, suicide, or violence will be rejected from our service and reported to Instagram.

Is the marketing service safe?

We are proud to say that we’ve never had a client lose their account. We pride ourselves on our innovative techniques and industry leading service quality. Through our quest to provide unparalleled organic growth, we also are proud to say that our service is compliant with the Terms and Conditions set forth by Instagram.

Do you "sell" followers?

Purchasing our marketing services means you’re signing up for our team to perform actions on your account to engage new users everyday in your niche. Along with Instagram ads/viral content/shoutouts this is the only method to grow organically and we've mastered it.

So to state it clearly, We do not “sell” followers. Any service guaranteeing the direct sale of followers must be scrutinized as guaranteeing followers means the followers must be under the control of an entity. Any followers gained from our organic service are real people genuinely interested in keeping up with your content.

For your convenience, we have listed the average followers gained on our website, but results will vary from account to account.

We do guarantee that any followers that are gained as a result from our actions will be authentic followers (authentic: followers with profile pictures, posts, that represent real people) on the app and not disingenuous followers purported to be real.

I signed up, now what?

Check your email!

After a successful sign up, you'll be sent an email from our onboarding specialist, Stephanie,

If you don't see these emails, and you have received a receipt, check your spam folder.


Do you offer support if I need help?

Yes! High-quality customer support is extremely important for a quality product, that’s why we do our best to resolve any issues you may encounter.

What should I do if I need help with my targeting?

Our team personally oversees all account forms and provides a complimentary target market research phase before growth begins so you'll always be right on target.